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Explore TUDOR diverse range of exceptional watches, all available to purchase at Mayors.

Tudor Pelagos Collection

TUDOR Pelagos

TUDOR Pelagos watch is one of the foremost traditional mechanical divers watch available on the market.

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Tudor 1926

Tudor 1926

TUDOR pays tribute to the brands early history to create a collection of mechanical timepieces that are elegant and classic.

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Tudor Black Bay

Tudor Black Bay

The Black Bay collection is designed for slim wrists and vintage enthusiasts alike.

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Tudor Royal Collection


Royal is a name first used by TUDOR in the 1950s to emphasise the superior quality of its watches.

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Discover the latest and greatest from TUDOR.

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TUDOR is #BornToDare with David Beckham

Celebrating TUDOR’s Born To Dare spirit, David Beckham joins World Champion Free Diver and friend of TUDOR, Morgan Bourchis in open water #DareToDive #TudorWatch


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Tudor Boutique Exclusive

This watch is available exclusively to our Tudor boutique at the Mall of Millenia, Florida.

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In 1946, a ground-breaking decision was made by Hans Wilsdorf, the visionary founder of the Rolex Watch Company, as he decided to create a new watch brand that offers the precision, durability and reliability of Rolex but at a more accessible price point. This monumental decision marked the birth of the TUDOR brand, a unique and striking watch collection based on technical prowess, an acute sense of style and adventurous and pioneering heritage.

Inspired by the brand's history, TUDOR continues to pay homage and respect to the iconic ranges and models that forged the way for the brand, by reinterpreting and adding to its revered collection of timepieces. The timeless design and exceptional attention to detail has led to TUDOR becoming an esteemed name in the world of luxury watches.

The Born To Dare campaign launched by TUDOR earlier this year reflects both the history of the brand and what it stands for today. In the sprit of this, TUDOR have signed world renowned footballer David Beckham as the leading face of the campaign, who's bold, brave and daring values make him the perfect embodiment of the TUDOR story.

Tudor About Image

Tudor Watches

About Tudor

Created by revolutionary watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, Tudor watches are relatively new to the game. Designed for those who desire the precision, durability, and reliability of a Rolex but without the price tag, Tudor watches have been making waves in horology since the brand's inception in 1926.

Striking, unique, and every bit as technical as its elder sibling, Tudor embodies the same technical prowess and groundbreaking style that Wilsdorf is famed for.

Known for its timeless design and remarkable attention to detail, Tudor continues to pay homage and respect to the iconic timepieces that shook up the watchmaking industry. Yet Tudor isn’t a brand that lives in the shadows; Tudor watches are the first choice for elites looking for something a little different.

Embodying everything the brand stands for, Tudor launched the Born to Dare campaign. Featuring illustrious former footballer David Beckham, this bold, brave, and daring collection perfectly illustrates the values underpinning Tudor watches.

Browse our handpicked collection of Tudor watches and see for yourself this ethos in action.

History of Tudor watches

Despite being designed to reach a different market to Rolex, Tudor watches are built with the same precision and clout.

However, make no mistake – Tudor watches are far from a modest version of a Rolex. Manufactured using the same techniques as one of the biggest luxury timepiece brands in the world, Tudor watches come with the same master horology at heart. In fact, some of the older Tudor watches even feature a Rolex logo on the crown in homage to the exemplary brand.

Although once lurking in the shadows of Rolex, modern Tudor watches have earned a fearsome reputation in their own right. Innovating and developing new models, Tudor is known for pioneering diving watches. Its first divers' watch the Oyster Prince Submariner was released in 1954 and was one of the first luxury watches developed to be water-resistant up to 100m.

Why buy a Tudor watch?

If you’re looking for a timepiece that can handle wanderlust, Tudor watches deliver. Specially crafted to suit the needs of professional divers and the military, Tudor watches can handle any adventure life throws at you. Favored by elite sportspeople, a Tudor watch is symbolic of someone who dares to be different.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday watch or something elite for your next diving mission, you won’t want to be without a Tudor watch.

Explore beneath the waves and browse our online collection of handpicked Tudor watches at Mayors. For a tailored shopping experience, visit one of our expert associates in one of our US stores.

Tudor watch collections

If you’re Born to Dare, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our collection of hand-crafted luxury watches.

Traditional yet bold and brazen, our 2men’s Tudor Pelagos collection is simply exquisite. As one of Tudor’s most popular mechanical divers’ watches, it boasts superior mechanical performance and technical features. Guaranteed to be waterproof up to 500m, it’s a luxury watch that any serious diver won’t want to be without. With such precision and reliability, it’s no surprise this classic COSC-certified watch is relied upon for important missions around the world.

The Tudor Black Bay collection is unmatched. Loved by vintage watch enthusiasts thanks to the timeless look, the Black Bay collection is timeless and elegant. Featuring the brand’s signature snowflake hands and luminescent markers, these slim watches are proof that good things come in small packages.

If you care for classic, you’ll be drawn to our Heritage watches. Inspired by the most iconic models in Tudor's history, the powerful Heritage watch collection is the pinnacle of masculinity.

Whether you love modern, classic, or understated, our collection of Tudor men’s and women’s watches embodies everything you stand for. At Mayors, we stock a specially picked range of the very best Tudor watches money can buy.

Caring for your Tudor watch

Salt water, adventures, and everyday life can take their toll on your Tudor watch. As a result of battling against the elements daily, you may find yourself yearning for the box-fresh shine of your luxury timepiece.

At Mayors, we understand how essential your Tudor watch is to life’s missions. That’s why our horology experts offer complimentary watch cleaning and inspection in-store with every Tudor watch bought from us.

To keep your Tudor watch working as precisely as it did when you first unboxed it, it’s recommended to service your watch every three to five years to preserve its value and precision. We offer servicing across all our US stores, so simply bring in your watch and let our skilled, accredited experts do the rest.

Find your Tudor watch today

Whether you’re a US Seal or simply have a love for luxury timepieces that’ll weather the storm, Mayors is here to help.

Explore our collection of powerfully brilliant Tudor watches for sale online or in one of our US showrooms and find your next timepiece. We have decades of experience in matching high-caliber individuals to their next luxury watches. We’ll pair you with the perfect watch that’ll carry you through life’s adventures.

If you’re too busy exploring to experience our luxury in-store shopping service, you can still access tailored advice from our associates. Thanks to our Luxury Virtual Boutique, you’ll get superior advice and guidance with one difference: you can be anywhere in the world.